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Join the Crestwood PTA Today

By joining the Crestwood Parent Teachers Association (PTA), you are investing in our children and making a difference at our school.

When you support the Crestwood PTA, the more the Crestwood PTA can support our kids and teachers!

While we thank you for joining last year, memberships must be renewed annually.

Thank you for your support!

CWPTA Leaders and Volunteers

Why join the Crestwood PTA?*

Benefit your child! Research shows children perform better when parents are involved at home and at school!

Benefit our school! PTA supplements many of the financial needs of our teachers, staff, and students.

Get connected! PTA is a great way to know what’s happening!

Member Benefits! Member benefits are offered to all Washington State PTA members.
To learn more about these discounts, go to the benefits and discount codes page.

*Joining does not mean you are signing up for a volunteer position. While the PTA welcomes and encourages volunteers, membership does not mean you have volunteered for any specific activity.

Membership Registration

To join the Crestwood PTA, fill out our registration packet online by clicking on the view packet below.

Membership fees are as follows:

1 Adult - $13.00

Family (2 adults) - $24.00

Thank you for joining the CWPTA.

You can also purchase a TEACHER MEMBERSHIP by adding it them to your packet or individually HERE.