For the K-3 presentation, here are some optional downloadable worksheets:




For the 4-6 presentation, here are some optional downloadable worksheets:

 blank dice - blank-dice-1.pdf  creatures dice - creatures-dice-1.pdf  objects dice - objects-dice-1.pdf  places dice - places-dice-1.pdf

spookydice -spooky-dice-1.pdf

Faith Pray is an author-illustrator from the Pacific Northwest who regularly wrangles four wildebeests - twins plus two, plus two cats.

Faith Pray is actually her name, by marriage. She is excited about books, rainstorms, kids, and sharing kindness. Faith has worked with her local libraries and elementary school, leading workshops and serving as a resource para-educator with an affinity for literacy and creative learning.

Several years ago after a stroke and heart surgery, Faith struggled to find her writing again, so she took visual storytelling classes in hopes of finding a back door to stories. Which she did. Faith fell in love with picture books and set out to grow herself as a children’s book author and illustrator.

Faith’s wand of choice is pencil, finished with variations of watercolor, colored pencils, and a sprinkling of digital magic on top.


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How to order The Starkeeper from local businesses


Covington Wall of Books is offering a discounted copy of The Starkeeper (as they do for all new books). You can visit the store or order at

Additionally, autographed full-price books are available to order online from Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo and online from Imprint Bookstore and the Writer's Workshoppe in Port Townsend. When you order, just request an autographed copy and Faith Pray will make sure it gets signed.


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